Support is the most important part of your purchase. However many PC problems are easier to sort out than you think. Here are some things to check.

1. Check there is power to your hardware, check plug fuses etc.
2. Check your connections between your keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals etc.
3. Is everything switched on?
Thatís the easy bit. If it still refuses to light up or make friendly noises, yes you probably need an engineer.

So youíve got power and it starts up but wont get past the start-up bios screen. If you are competent enough to re set the bios consult the book that came with the PC and check through the bios values, but only alter things that you understand. If you are not sure what you are doing STOP and call an engineer. A wrong bios entry could cause total data loss or permanent hardware damage.

OK so the PC starts but the operating system refuses to load. Assuming you are a sensible operator you will be running an Anti Virus program. STOP. Consult your AV software manuals and proceed with caution. A high proportion of failures are caused by virus attack. If you do not have Anti Virus Software seek help now before you irreparable damage to your data or hardware.

But youíve checked for a virus (with an up to date program) and its clean! Now the fault is most likely to be a software conflict or a driver problem. Start the machine in safe mode and proceed as below. Try looking at the links below to see if your problem is easy to fix yourself. Itís the best way to learn how to maintain your system and keep it in tip top working order.

Go on, itís easier than you think!

Go to Drivers
Have you checked in control panel, system that your drivers are working OK? Having the correct up to date drivers for your hardware is the best way to get the best out of your PC. is a good place to start to look.
Get Microsoft Support Microsoft Knowledge Base
Check with your software vendor to see if the program fault you have is common. Look for FAQís. There may be a simple fix available. This is a good start.

Still no joy? Depending on the support package you purchased with your machine either e-mail Support Department or telephone us. Please have the system serial number to hand and a brief description of the fault.    Contact us

You donít have a warranty or support contract with us? We can still help. E-mail or call us and we will be pleased to quote for the work.

Our aim is to get you back to work as soon as possible!


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