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We can recover data from: Hard Disk, Floppy Disks all sizes, CD, DVD, Zip & Jaz Disks, all tapes & cartridges inc. DAT, Reel tape & other removable media. Any format, Microsoft Windows family inc. DOS, Win 95, 98, 2000, & NT. OS/2, Novell NetWare, Sun, Linux, Unix, Mackintosh. E-mail or Tel: +44 (0)121 747 4747.

Advancing technology enables us to store more and more data on computers, which we rely on every day. More information, stored on hard drives, tapes or other removable media means greater vulnerability to data loss. Virus invasion, human error, natural disasters and even computer crime means that businesses today face a greater chance of experiencing data loss than ever before.

The chart below illustrates the most common causes of Data Loss:

Using class-leading software tools, Remote Data Recovery, in-lab or onsite services, manorcom can offer a solution for all of the data loss situations depicted above.

We have a Computer Forensics service which provides the tools and techniques needed to identify and produce evidence for legal purposes while protecting confidential information. Electronic mail, correspondence, spreadsheets, personnel or medical records and trade secrets are all stored electronically and are all potentially discoverable in litigation. Massive amounts of corporate data pose unique challenges to both lawyers seeking relevant evidence and clients seeking to protect privileged information.

Our Tape and Removable Media service offers recovery of data from almost any tape or cartridge format. Emerging technologies such as ‘super floppies’, CD, and DVD are covered, as well as older technologies such as reel to reel tapes and the like.

Data destruction and sanitisation from manorcom ensures that the data on your discarded drives and disks is effectively and completely destroyed. As an Ontrack Partner we feature the industry's widest range of proprietary tools and techniques for recovering data from any operating system and storage device.

manorcom can recover the information you thought was gone forever. Through the use of proprietary tools and techniques we can save you the time and money it would have taken to recreate valuable lost data such as documents etc.

With access to a dedicated laboratory and clean room. We can offer a full range of service options and can retrieve data from any operating system or storage device in any data loss situation

We can also offer Remote Data Recovery, which enables the recovery of certain types of lost data right on your desktop or laptop, ending costly and unnecessary downtime. 

So now, no matter where you are - from a hotel room to an airport lobby to your desktop at work - data recovery may be just a modem connection away. It's fast, convenient and safe.

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